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Amazon in Favour of Legalising Cannabis in US

After announcing earlier in the year they were getting rid of their cannabis-screening for new job applicants, Amazon is now calling for cannabis legalisation across the US, as it “disproportionately impacts people of colour”.

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CBD Oil Trial at Southern Cross University

A trial by Southern Cross University has begun, investigating if a low-dose botanical CBD soft gel will help people in getting better sleep. The trial will start with 18-65 year olds who have trouble sleeping.

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Cannabis Trial for Advanced cancer Starts in QLD

Mater, a non-profit organisation is starting a new clinical trial that will test the use of cannabis for advanced cancer patients. The trial will look at using cannabis oil against a placebo to see if quality of life can be improved in patients.

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How Does CBD in Beauty Actually Work?

CBD sales have skyrocketed lately and as more and more CBD related products are hitting the shelves, you may be wondering how it can work in the beauty industry. This short article explains.

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Is CBD Oil Legal in Australia Yet?

CBD oil has become popular around the world for its variety of medicinal side effects and therapies. But what exactly is this magical, therapeutic oil and is it yet legal within Australia?

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