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11 CBD Myths Debunked by the Experts

There are many myths around cannabis in and particular, CBD ad it its effects and what it does. In this video, cannabis physician June Chin and biomedical researcher Chanda Macias dive into what CBD is really all about.

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close up of woman using CBD oil bottle

Can I Buy CBD Oil Legally in Australia?

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) in Australia have now down-scheduled CBD oil in low doses from Schedule 4 to Schedule 3. This means it may be available in pharmacies and without needing a doctor’s prescription.

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Is Psychosis Caused by Using Cannabis?

Does smoking cannabis make you psychotic? This article looks at a person’s genes, how old they are, how much THC is being ingested and what it is you are smoking. These factors could determine the risks.

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How to Grow Your Own Cannabis at Home

Now that growing two cannabis is legal in the Australian Capital Territory, you may be wondering how to grow your own cannabis at home. This article takes you through choosing the right seed to curing your own cannabis.

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