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marijuana in greenhouse

Structure of the Cannabis Plant

You may have heard many terms floating around such as trichomes, nodes, cola, but what do they all mean and what part of the cannabis plant are they referring to? I

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What Are Cannabis Terpenes?

There is a lot more to cannabis than you may think, and it is actually made up of many different compounds and terpenes, but what exactly are terpenes, what do they do, and do they get you high?

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hands holding soil in garden

Tips for Growing Cannabis Outdoors

Growing your cannabis outdoors, under the sun and other natural elements, is a much more organic and traditional way to garden. Here are some tips to help you get the best out of your grow space.

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hand holding a joint

What Are the Effects of Cannabis on Your Body?

Cannabis, or marijuana has been increasingly entering the mainstream, with many countries worldwide using it for medicinal purposes. But what about if you want to smoke it for recreational purposes, what are the effects of cannabis then?

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cbd bath bomb next to box

Cannabis Bath Bombs – Do They Get You High?

CBD has been widely used in Australia for several years now, within the medical cannabis market. However, in the United States, where recreational cannabis is now legal in many states, CBD products are propping up all over the place.

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cat resting head on CBD bottle

CBD Oil for Pets? What, How and Why

With cannabis now legal in the Australia Capital Territory in small does, plus the gradual legalisation of medicinal cannabis, CBD oil is slowly making its way into the mainstream. But what exactly is it and why give it to your pet?

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weed buds in glass jar

What is the Best Way to Store my Homegrown Cannabis?

When beginning to grow your own cannabis, you may be wondering how to store your fresh buds and if they ever do go mouldy. If using cannabis for medicinal reasons, you will want to make sure that it is at its best, to ensure you are getting the right amount of potency.

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