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Cannabis Education, News & Grow Guides for ACT Residents

Welcome to Cannabis Growing Australia.   Your source for Marijuana education & detailed growing info for Aussies living in the ACT or that have a medicinal license. 

Cannabis laws are changing rapidly in Australia.   As at June 2021, cultivation and posession of up to 50 grams of cannabis is legal in ACT, and it is ‘decriminalized’ in South Australia and Northern Territory. 

In other states, minor possession or cultivation is still illegal with the penalty for posession of small quantities ranging from fines to criminal offences depending on past criminal history.

Australia is still a ways behind other western countries.   For example it’s 100% legal in Canada and in 36 US states  As the taboo is relinquished globally, marijuana legalization laws in Australia can be difficult to follow.   That is why we’ve developed a comprehensive guide to Australian laws

Cannabis has been proven to have many medicinal, economical & societal benefits.  Just like alcohol, tobacco and prescription drug use, education is essential to ensure moderate and responsible use across Australia.

Here at Cannabis Growing, we do not condone or endorse any illegal activity.   We simply are passionate about providing marijuana news, education and growing information for those living in the ACT or with a medicinal license. 

We cannot sell seeds, but we have developed a comprehensive guide on how to buy cannabis seeds in Australia for collectable purposes only.   

Latest Cannabis News

cannabis leaves

Myths About CBD in Skincare

If you have been wondering about using CBD in your skincare routine but are not sure about what it can help with and how to use it, then this post explains all.

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Does CBD Affect Libido?

As CBD product are fast becoming a staple on our shelves, you may be wondering abut some of the effects it has. This post describes how CBD may have a positive effect on your libido.

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How THC and CBD Can Help with Sleep

If you are interested to knowing the science of how both THC and CBD can help those who suffer from sleepless nights, then this post explains how cannabis effects the body and may help you sleep.

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Is Cannabis a Gateway to Other Drugs?

As a parent, discovering that your child is using cannabis can cause a great deal of worry. Many parents are asking if the legalisation of cannabis will ultimately lead to further drug use.

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Heard of the Entourage Effect?

You may or may not have heard of the entourage effect but if you are interested to find out how cannabis molecules play off each other, then read this article which explains more!

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