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Cannabis Seeds in Australia are considerred an ‘adult novelty item’ suitable for novelty purposes such as souvenirs, seedbank storage, body care products, natural remedies etc.   Please ensure you consult the local laws in your state especially if you live outside of the ACT, SA, NT and do not have a medicinal license.

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Finally, as Australia starts to follow global trends, Cannabis laws are changing rapidly down under.   As at June 2021, cultivation and posession of up to 50 grams of cannabis is legal in ACT, and it is ‘decriminalized’ in South Australia and Northern Territory.  

It is only a matter of time before consenting Australian adults all across the nation will have the right to experience cannabis without risk of persecution.    Just look at the surprising results across the majority of North America and you’ll see that cannabis legalization is coming, and fast….  

We work really hard to source the best strains from around the world with the best quality seeds or your money back.   We’re situated locally here in Australia, so you can be assured we’ll get your seeds delivered super fast and with minimal risk.   

Be careful buying seeds from companies claiming to be Australian that are just drop shipping from overseas suppliers…   

If the shipping duration is more than 5 days, you know it’s coming from overseas….   Our seeds are always shipped domestically and normally are despatched within 1-2 days from purchase.